As an artist, I hope to illustrate the human condition as a shared, collective experience.

I received my BFA in Photography / Digital Media with a concentration in Art History from University of Houston in 2015. After graduation I completed a 6 month artist residency with Post Studio projects and began working with BLUEorange Contemporary.

During my time with the gallery I curated my first show, "Interior Mortification", featuring selected works by Caitlin G. McCollom. In 2016, I joined my colleagues to South Korea as a fellow exhibitor in Busan's International Art Fair.

As a young and insecure artist, my initial creative process was inspired (or consumed) by the internal struggle towards self discovery. Transcending from personal experience and spiritual fulfillment, I was especially drawn towards Jungian analysis and theory.

I began studying dream interpretations, and universal studies on human psyche to connect with an audience through my vulnerability, while hoping they are willing to engage with their own in self-reflection and dialogue. As an artist, I hope to illustrate the human condition as a shared experience.

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