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Finding Solace in Stillness: A Meditative Practice


The world often feels like a whirlwind of sensory overload. Noises, smells, sights, and the relentless stream of internal thoughts stitch a muddy veil that overwhelms the senses. Amidst the clamor, finding stillness seems impossible. Yet, when I pick up a loaded camera, the familiar ritual unfolds – I am suddenly invited into a slower, quieter landscape.

Pressing the shutter is a commitment, a moment of release that captures not just an image, but a fragment of time itself. What else can harness the essence of light's fingerprint like film? There is no instant gratification here, no immediate review of the photo. Instead, there is a quiet trust in the process, a surrender to the unknown. This act of letting go and embracing uncertainty is profoundly liberating.

While film photography is my preferred medium, I am drawn to any form, material, ritual, or practice that narrows my focus to a hyper-fixation. The sensation of closing in within a frame engulfs me in a sanctuary of clarity and intention – where every meticulous step fosters a deeper connection with myself and the moment captured.

My creative process transforms the act of seeing into a mindful practice, enabling me to engage with the world—and myself—in a more deliberate and contemplative way. In this retreat, I discover the quiet beauty of stillness in motion, offering a profound escape from the relentless pace of life.

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